Asian Street Food

Quick Bites (Small Plates)

Eat-in price quoted. Takeaway (TA) prices in brackets. ’Vgn’ denotes vegan dishes. ’Veg’ denotes vegetarian dishes. Gluten-free menu available on request

Bun Cha 5.0 (4.5)
Tasty chargrilled pork strips served with lettuce, rice vermicelli, chilli, selection of herbs, pickled carrots & daikon
Edamame (Vgn) 3.8 (3.0)
Warm green soya bean pods seasoned with salt
Salt & Pepper Calamari or Tofu (Vgn) Calamari 5.0 (4.5) / Tofu 4.5 (4.0)
Deep fried calamari or tofu tossed in salt, pepper, chilli, garlic, ginger & onions
Chicken Satay 4.8 (4.0)
Mildly spicy marinated pieces of chicken cooked over a chargrill & served on skewers (x3) with a peanut dipping sauce
Potstickers (Vgn) Pork 4.9 (4.3) / Vegetable (Vgn) 4.3 (3.8)
Hand-made pan fried pork or vegetable (Vgn) dumplings served with a vinegar, ginger, soy & chilli dipping sauce
Hoisin Duck Spring Rolls 4.9 (4.3)
Crispy spring rolls filled with five spice roasted duck & served with hoisin sauce
Vegetable Spring Rolls (Veg) 4.4 (3.9)
Hand-wrapped veggie goodness, filled with mushrooms, rice vermicelli, cabbage, carrots, bamboo shoots, fried & served with sweet chilli sauce on the side
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables (Vgn) 4.5 (3.5)
Stir fried vegetables including broccoli, carrots, onions, peppers, aubergines with a vegetarian sauce
Prawn Crackers 2.5 (1.5)
Mixed Thai brown & Chinese white prawn crackers served with sweet chilli sauce on the side


Miso 3.5 (2.0)
Traditionally made dashi with white miso, ‘silken’ tofu, seaweed & spring onions. NB - contains seafood extract
Tom Yum Gung Regular 4.5 (3.5) / Large 6.0 (5.0)
Super spicy and sour Thai style broth, with chilli, galangal, lemongrass, prawns, mushrooms & tomatoes. Available large with 6x prawns or regular (starter size) with 3 prawns
Wonton Dumpling Soup (Veg) Pork & Prawn 5.0 (4.0) / Vegetable (Veg) 4.5 (3.5)
Wonton dumplings (x3), served in a soup broth with Chinese leaves & spring onions

White Wine

Petit Ballon Blanc Cotes de Gascogne 2014, France 175ml Glass 4.5 / 750ml Bottle 16.0
Fruity & floral notes
Pinot Grigio Montevento 2014, Italy 750ml Bottle 20.0
Light, clean & easy to drink
Masseria Bianca Fiano 2014, Italy 750ml Bottle 22.0
Fresh, fruity, rich, round & a hidden gem
Poeta Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Italy 175ml Glass 6.5 / 750ml Bottle 24.0
Mouth-watering, refreshing & fruity
Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2013, USA 750ml Bottle 26.0
Fruity, lots of minerality, amazing with spicy food
Huia Gewurztraminer 2013, New Zealand 750ml Bottle 26.0
Rich, dry & full bodied, great with spicy dishes


Sylvoz Prosecco, Italy 125ml Flute 6 / 750ml Bottle 26.0
Rich bubbles, elegant with a light sweet finish
Vino Spumante Rosé, Brut NV, Italy 750ml Bottle 26.0
Fresh, light & fruity


Asahi (330ml Bottle) 3.5 (3.0)
Light, crisp & dry
Chang (330ml Bottle) 3.5 (3.0)
Malty & soothing
Singha (330ml Bottle) 3.5 (3.0)
Thai favourite
Saigon (330ml Bottle) 3.5 (3.0)
Vietnam's number 1 beer


Pork or Chicken Satay 'Bun' Noodles 8.8 (7.6)
Cold rice noodle salad served with pork strips ('bun cha') or chicken satay with fresh herbs, pickled carrots & daikon, shredded cucumbers, peanuts, a vegetable spring roll, with chillies & a 'nuoc cham' dressing on the side
Pad Thai (Vgn/Veg) Prawn 8.8 (7.9) / Chicken 8.3 (7.4) / Tofu (Vgn/Veg) 7.5 (6.9)
Thai favourite – mildly spicy, wok fried, fresh flat rice noodles with (7x) prawns or chicken or tofu, egg, fish sauce, peanuts, lime wedge & bean sprouts (tofu version egg optional)
Pad Kee Mao (Vgn/Veg) Prawn 8.8 (7.9) / Chicken 8.3 (7.4) / Veg (Vgn/Veg) 7.5 (6.9)
Super spicy wok fried flat rice noodle dish (aka 'Drunken Noodles') served with either (7x) prawns or chicken both with egg or as a vegetarian/vegan option. All with vegetables, Thai basil, chillies & finely chopped lemongrass (egg optional)
Pad See Ew (Vgn/Veg) Beef 8.8 (7.9) / Vegetable (Vgn/Veg) 7.5 (6.9)
Thailand’s 2nd favourite wok fried noodle dish with eggs & dark soy sauce, served with either beef or mixed vegetables (eggs are optional for vegetarian version). Both options include white cabbage, carrots & broccoli with a medium level of spice/heat
Singapore Noodles (Vgn/Veg) Chicken, Pork & Shrimps 8.3 (7.4) / Tofu (Vgn/Veg) 7.5 (6.9)
Stir fried rice noodles mildly spiced with curry powder served with chicken, baby shrimps, peppers, onions, egg & roast pork or with tofu (tofu version egg optional)
Wonton Dumpling Soup Noodles (Veg) Pork & Prawn 8.8 (7.5) / Vegetable (Veg) 7.5 (6.9)
Freshly made wonton dumplings (x6) served with fine egg noodles, Chinese leaves & spring onions in a soup broth


Banana Fritters (Veg) 4.5 (3.8)
Deep fried battered bananas served with golden syrup & coconut ice cream (one scoop)
Green Tea or Black Sesame or Coconut Ice Cream (Veg) 3.5 (2.8)
Amazingly creamy Japanese ice creams (two scoops)

Red wine

El Campesino Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere 2013, Chile 175ml Glass 4.5 / 750ml Bottle 16.0
Velvety, fruity & lightly spiced
Mas Oliveras Tempranillo 2013, Spain 750ml Bottle 20.0
Light, soft, strawberries with a warm finish
La Muse de Cabestany Pinot Noir 2013, France 750ml Bottle 22.0
Smooth, silky, dry & light
Dinastia Vivanco Rioja Crianza 2012, Spain 750ml Bottle 26.0
Full bodied, rich spices & fruit, amazing with spicy food

Cocktails & Spirits


Lychee Mojito 6.0
White rum, lychee juice, mint & lime
Guava Collins 6.0
White rum, guava juice, ginger, lime juice & soda
Mango & Chilli Margarita 6.0
Tequila, Cointreau, mango juice, lime juice & chilli
Mezcal Margarita 6.5
Mezcal, Cointreau & lime
Watermelon Cooler 6.0
Gin, watermelon & vanilla
Bangkok Bruiser 3.0
Cointreau & chilli shooter


White Rum
Thai Mekhong 'Whisky'
Thai Sangsom Rum


Petit Ballon Rosé 2014, France 750ml Bottle 16.0
Fresh, dry & easy to drink


Chicken Katsu Curry 8.5 (7.2)
Panko breaded & fried crispy chicken served with a mildly spicy vegetable curry sauce with rice
Nasi Goreng 8.8 (7.5)
Spicy Malaysian/Indonesian fried rice cooked with chilli paste, chicken, chopped prawns, carrots, green beans, crispy shallots with a fried egg on the side
Green Chicken Curry 8.8 (7.3)
Freshly made spicy green curry with chicken, aubergines, bamboo shoots, fine beans, peppers, coconut milk & served with rice
Green Tofu Curry (Vgn) 7.5 (6.8)
Freshly made spicy green curry with fried tofu, aubergines, bamboo shoots, fine beans, peppers, coconut milk & served with rice
Red Vegetable Curry (Vgn) 7.5 (6.8)
Spicy vegetarian red curry served with aubergines, bamboo shoots, fine beans, peppers, coconut milk & served with rice
Chicken or Pork Pad Krapao 8.8 (7.5)
Thai comfort food - spicy stir fried minced chicken or pork with Thai basil, chillies, onions, fine beans, peppers & served with a fried egg on the side
Egg Fried Rice (Veg) 3.5 (2.5)
Freshly cooked egg fried rice with eggs & spring onions
Plain Rice (Vgn) 2.5 (2.0)
Steamed white rice


Please note our takeaway salads are served with the dressing on the side to maintain texture and crispness.

Green Papaya (Som Tam) (Vgn) 4.5-8.0 (4.0-7.5)
Shredded green papaya, chilli, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, shredded carrots, fine beans with a fresh, spicy, tangy, lime, fish sauce & garlic dressing, topped with roasted peanuts. {{Vegetarian/vegan option on request (with no fish sauce)}}. Available as a small starter without prawns (4.5/4.0 TA) or main course with poached (7x) prawns (8.0/7.5 TA)
Tamarind Beef Salad 5.5-8.5 (4.7-7.7)
Healthy & packed with lots of flavour. Delicious bite-sized pieces of wok-fried rump beef on a bed of cucumbers, carrots, mint, sawtooth leaves, red onions, cherry tomatoes, chillies, tamarind dressing, peanuts & crispy salad leaves. Available as a main/large portion (8.5/7.7 TA)or starter/small salad (5.5/4.7 TA)
Yum Woon Sen Chicken Salad 5.0-8.0 (4.5-7.5)
Thai glass (mung bean) noodle salad that's fresh, healthy & spicy. Served with small pieces of poached chicken, sliced red onions, coriander, peppers, cucumbers, chilli flakes & chilli oil. Available as a main/large portion (8.0/7.5 TA)or starter/small salad (5.0/4.5 TA)


Award-winning fine teas from China & Taiwan – natural, whole leaf, authentic (no chemicals), hand-picked, high quality teas from small artisan farmers & producers. All teas brewed at 75℃-90℃ using only filtered water. Takeaway teas are not brewed in advance in order to avoid bitterness. Hot water on request

>>>Hot Teas<<<

Jasmine Pearls (Fujian, China) 2.5 (1.7)
Aromatic & fragrant floral notes
English Breakfast 2.5
High grade blend of Assam, Darjeeling, Black & Ceylon teas
Gold Dragon (Flowering Bulb/Fujian, China) 2.5
Beautiful to watch with honey notes
Mi Lan Dan Cong (Oolong/Guangdong, China) 2.5
Mildly sweet with hints of lychee & honey
Silver Needle (White Tea/Fujian, China) 3.0
Clean, subtle & delicate
Superior Bai Lin Gong Fu (Black Tea/Fujian, China) 3.0
Full body, smooth with hints of caramel
Organic Dragon Well (Green Tea/Zhejiang, China) 3.0
Fresh, sweet, nutty & fragrant

>>>Cold Teas<<<

Thai Iced Tea 3.0 (2.5)
Blend of black tea & spices, milky, sweet, delicious & addictive
Iced Lemon Tea 3.0 (2.5)
Black tea, lemon, honey, refreshing, & soothing


Traditional, aromatic, drip-filtered Vietnamese coffee served with or without condensed milk

Vietnamese Coffee 2.8 (2.2)
Served hot, hints of mocha with condensed milk
Vietnamese Iced Coffee 3.0 (2.5)
The perfect thirst quencher

Soft Drinks/Juices

All juices are not from concentrate

Coke or Diet Coke or 7 Up (330ml Can) 2.0 (1.2)
Belu Still Water (330ml Bottle) 2.0 (1.7)
Perrier Sparkling Water (330ml Bottle) 2.0 (1.7)
Orange, Apple, Lychee, Mango or Guava Juice (330ml) 2.7 (2.2)
Coconut Water/Juice (350ml Can) 2.7 (2.2)
Aloe Vera King Original (330ml) 2.7 (2.2)